by num1 - Saturday December 16, 2023 at 11:10 PM

ID,Name,Email,Group,Phone,ZIP,Country,State/Province,"Customer Since","Web Site","Confirmed email","Account Created in","Billing Address","Shipping Address","Date of Birth","Tax VAT Number",Gender,"Street Address",City,Fax,"VAT Number",Company,"Billing Firstname","Billing Lastname","Account Lock"

30905 lines

csv file .

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19835,"Praveena Varma",[email protected],General,,," ",,"Nov 22, 2023 11:11:07 AM","Main Website","Confirmation Not Required",English,,,,,N/A,,,,,,,,Unlocked
19836,"Amrita Roy",[email protected],General,,," ",,"Nov 22, 2023 07:08:43 PM","Main Website","Confirmation Not Required",English,,,,,N/A,,,,,,,,Unlocked
19837,"ahad aly",[email protected],General,8840059455,211003,India,"Uttar Pradesh","Nov 29, 2023 02:20:46 PM","Main Website","Confirmation Not Required",English,"roshan bhag allahabad Uttar Pradesh 211003","roshan bhag allahabad Uttar Pradesh 211003",,,N/A,"roshan bhag",allahabad,,,,ahad,aly,Unlocked
19838,"Ghanshyam Thakur",[email protected],General,,," ",,"Dec 5, 2023 04:57:03 PM","Main Website","Confirmation Not Required",English,,,,,N/A,,,,,,,,Unlocked
19839,"Vivek Gokulakrishnan",[email protected],General,,," ",,"Dec 8, 2023 07:59:25 PM","Main Website","Confirmation Not Required",English,,,,,N/A,,,,,,,,Unlocked
19840,"rockycools1 rockycools1",[email protected],General,,," ",,"Dec 10, 2023 06:24:23 PM","Main Website","Confirmation Not Required",English,,,,,N/A,,,,,,,,Unlocked
19841,"Akshata Adhyapak",[email protected],General,8861024689,560061,India,Karnataka,"Dec 13, 2023 09:13:07 PM","Main Website","Confirmation Not Required",English,"Agarbathi road, Srivatsa layout, Subramanyapura, Uttarhalli
Hmm.. have you hacked a site selling children's costumes for girls?
This looks pretty disgusting to me.. Dodgy
I am NOT a member of any of the public Telegram chats,
everyone who impersonates me on Telegram are nonentities and scammers!

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