cl0p uses MOVEit 0 day to hack multiple companies.
by _6n - Friday June 16, 2023 at 02:43 AM
clop, the ransomware gang responsible for exploiting a critical security vulnerability in a popular corporate file transfer tool, has begun listing victims of the mass-hacks, including a number of U.S. banks and universities.
The Russia-linked ransomware gang has been exploiting the security flaw in MOVEit Transfer, a tool used by corporations and enterprises to share large files over the internet, since late May. Progress Software, which develops the MOVEit software, patched the vulnerability — but not before hackers compromised a number of its customers.
While the exact number of victims remains unknown, Clop on Wednesday listed the first batch of organizations it says it hacked by exploiting the MOVEit flaw. The victim list, which was posted to Clop’s dark web leak site, includes U.S.-based financial services organizations 1st Source and First National Bankers Bank; Boston-based investment management firm Putnam Investments; the Netherlands-based Landal Greenparks; and the U.K.-based energy giant Shell.

Interesting, thanks for sharing
[Image: SQHc3.gif]
thanks for sharing !
gotta love these 0 day exploits
sum crazy shit bro cybersecurity needs to step up their game.
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thanks for sharing
(06-19-2023, 08:26 AM)Sanjuga Wrote: does anyone know what are their onion Link/s

State department just offered $10m for info about Clop.. This will not end well for them..
cl0pleaks rulez!
Cl0p ransomware was disclosed by the CISA has been disclosed. Check out the links below

link: hxxps://

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