Thoughts on the reddit blackout
by KenzieHowen - Wednesday June 14, 2023 at 08:38 PM
Thoughts on the reddit blackout and any mods with an opinion on the api changes

here's some links for people unaware
A two day blackout only shows that people can get fucked in the ass and they will return. It shows that no matter what Reddit does their users will eat the shit.
i hope it burns. spez can fucking choke. unfortunately reddit users are brainless pussies with the attention span of goldfish so i doubt this will majorly impact their long term userbase but a man can dream.
Oh well, people will just create new subreddits and/or reddit staff will find new mods to run those subreddits
it's very interesting
[Image: 5ada092e19ee8644008b45e6?width=600]
(06-15-2023, 03:40 AM)Sex Wrote: Oh well, people will just create new subreddits and/or reddit staff will find new mods to run those subreddits

Or a whole New alternative to Reddit will appear.
same, i think only 2 days wont help so much
who the fuck cares.
such entitled cry babies.
use the fucking basic app.
you are getting a free service - fucking deal with it or leave, start your own.
Don't really care about reddit, I just hope this doesn't introduce a new standard for API use.

For example, the RIOT api for league and valorant, imagine if they followed reddit's idea.
instantly, a bunch of session/history trackers would be gone or have to pay for usage

apply the idea to any service you use that works off a public api
they should stop fucking with reddit and money. just let people post and enjoy internet

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