Section for Discussing guide and resource for Stealer log
by Lavi - Saturday December 16, 2023 at 01:15 PM
To Adminstrator of

I've noticed that we lack a dedicated section for discussing Stealer Logs, but we do have a section for posting the logs themselves. As we are aware, the realm of Stealer or Info Stealer Logs is highly guarded and not many individuals are inclined to share resources or guides on how to use and appreciate them. Historically, this information and resources have been monopolized by the Russian-speaking community, and I aim to disrupt that monopoly. This is where plays a crucial role. Although our community is small, we have talented individuals who are willing to contribute and elevate the community to its former glory as the leading forum for sharing databases. By fostering discussions on Stealer Logs, we anticipate attracting others to explore different sections and contribute to the forum's growth.

that my request and sorry if it messy thank you and have nice day.

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