(2023) Dollargeneral.com 31,699 unique breached records.
by redcoat - Tuesday February 6, 2024 at 09:25 PM
[Image: Dollar_General_logo.png]
This breach contains
31,699 unique emails
A data sample is available here: https://files.catbox.moe/1o1uco.csv
Please note that any lines that may look duplicate actually have different page_ids, this is because a record is created for each product purchased.

This breach is one company of 56 companies effected by my Powerreviews databreach.
This Breach was done by compromising Powerreviews's insecure API servers that contained FTP server credentials aswell as Twilio and sendgrid API keys.
The servers contained 100s of server credentials, a number of different servers- majority of these credentials worked and the servers contained data belonging to over 56 companies, Dollargeneral.com was one of them.

This data was originally breached in 2023, the data it contains is from 2018 customers.
This data contains customer info from USA.
the price of this databreach is $100
Contact my telegram. https://t.me/data4sale
My coat is Red.

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