REALSTRESSER.COM 2020 Booter leak (Source + Bypass DDOS script + DB)
by nullptr_t - Saturday June 17, 2023 at 02:52 PM

Few years ago, I found a way to inject bash commands on I used it to dump the website and the database.

The leak contains :
- realstresser.sql : the whole database, passwords are hashed with sha1(md5()) (not salted) (~2k accounts)
- : the source code of the website, it also contains their DDOS scripts (L4 and L7, with some BYPASSES) and some logs
- etc : some random DDOS scripts that I've found, most likely tests
- : a Minecraft server, probably to test their Minecraft Booter
- linpeas out.txt : the output of the linpeas script. Might contain some interesting stuff about the server. Read it with "less -r linpeas\ out.txt" to get the colored output.
- stuff.txt : some random stuffs (etc/passwd, home ls)

Download :

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thanks really need this
Link down, please remove. Wasted 8 credits too @pine @dedale
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Thanks for sharing. Which language is the source code in?
The link in this thread is dead. Please reply to the PM you were sent to get your thread moved back to the Databases section.
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